Lynchburg students learn the dangers of impaired and distracted driving

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) We all remember what it's like driving a car for the first time: getting a taste of freedom and not really thinking about the consequences. On Friday, students at Heritage High School learned just how dangerous it can be.

"I thought it was interesting. It really is a learning experience," permit-holder Sierra Haberly said.

Haberly was first up to use the drunk driving simulator. She's had her permit for 9 months.

"I was impaired and I over-exaggerated with the turning so it was harder to control," Haberly said.

The simulation only lasted three minutes, but it provided a valuable lesson.

"I will not be drinking. I will not be texting. I will keep my phone maybe in the back seat like one of my friends," Haberly said.

The presentation was put on by an entertainment company that travels across the country educating students about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving.

"Safe driving is a privilege and it's something that we can all do and take advantage of early. You can kill people at any age in a car," Save a Life Instructor Devon Watson said.

Youth of Virginia Speak Out is an organization at Heritage High that also teaches about why it's important to stay focused on the roads.

"We try to teach them that you shouldn't do drinking or texting so you can save not only your life, but other people's lives," student N'Dea Davis said.