Students spend the day working on various service projects in Lynchburg

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) New Covenant Schools held its annual Hands and Hearts Day. Hundreds of students volunteered on service projects throughout the area.

Many of those students spent time at the Lynchburg Salvation Army.

"We take 450 students and we send them all out in the community in various locations and we work for an entire day," New Covenant Schools Headmaster John Heaton said.

They didn't let the rain get in their way.

"This is just one of several that are going on simultaneously," Heaton said.

Other projects are going on at Lynchburg Grows and Hat Creek Camp.

"We have had legions of students over here today cleaning out the building to my left and hauling out donated clothing that needed to be sorted and folded," Heaton said.

Students also put mulch in flower beds.

"We are cleaning up the area, making it look nice for the public, just really making it look good," New Covenant sixth grader Jude Vollmer said.

They too, stress the importance of giving back.

"I just enjoy doing the work. I mean, it's fun," New Covenant sixth grader Jackson Taylor said.

"Just helping other people. It's always good to help other people," Vollmer said.