Five charged with helping Pulaski County fugitive avoid capture

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WYTHE Co., (WDBJ7) -- The Wythe County Sheriff's Office has charged five people with being accessories after the fact in the case of Pulaski County fugitive, Cody Drain.

Police arrest fugitive Cody Drain along Reed Creek Road in Barren Springs.

Authorities say Nicholas Wayne Alexander Albert, 20, Joshua Mark Saferight, 27, Bridget Leann Martin, 27, Chase Aaron Martin, 28 and James Edward Nelson, 46 all assisted in relation to hiding the now-captured Pulaski County fugitive, Cody Drain.

All five have been charged with accessory after the fact in a felony.

Authorities say that the five assisted Drain's escape by cutting his handcuffs, giving him a place to stay, rides, a cell phone and misleading authorities for Drain to evade authorities.

Since his initial arrest, the Wythe County Sheriff's office have further charged Drain with possession with intent to sell.

Drain was responsible for a state-wide manhunt after he escaped police custody.