Grown Here at Home: Kentland Farm Field Day giving farmers latest on research, production tools

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) - Kentland Farm is a major part of Virginia Tech’s farm research and programs that not only benefit students, but farmers.The upcoming Kentland Farm Field Day is a chance for you to get a taste of what’s happening on the farm.

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Morgan Paulette is an agent with the Virginia Cooperative Extension. He says it’s all about meeting the needs of people and focusing on topics they want to know more about.

"We’re trying to focus on topics that are relevant here in the New River Valley and southwest Virginia with beef cattle and livestock and forage production. And it seems like these past few years, that folks have really enjoyed their time. We have a wide variety of different stations and workshops and research. Fun things like drones and animals, but we’ll also incorporate tours of the farm and that sort of thing," Paulette said.

Susan Whitehead is heading up a research project that focuses on hard cider. You’ll get to hear from her.

"Our research project is focusing on the microbes that are associated with fruits – so bacteria and fungi and things like that that live on the surfaces of the fruit. We think that the plant can actually respond to microbes in a way that would change the flavor profiles and the chemistry of the fruit," explained Whitehead.

Brooks Saville has been working in some capacity on the farm for 22 years and he’s seen how things have grown and changed over time.

"About every day there’s something interesting that I didn’t see the day before. It’s neat to see projects start. Some projects have been as long as 15 years here, which it’s always interesting to see the beginning and the end of things. It’s neat to see what we do down here actually goes out into the community where we live," he said.

"I hope it’s a fun day, but also, that producers can take something away with them," Paulette said.

Kentland Farm Field Day is Tuesday, September 17. It costs $10, and that includes lunch. To register, send your contact information and payment to the Pulaski County Extension Office.

The extension office is at 143 Third Street NW, Suite 3, Pulaski, VA 24301.

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