UPDATE: Denver Riggleman wins Republican nomination for 5th District seat

Published: Jun. 1, 2018 at 7:02 PM EDT
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Denver Riggleman has won the Republican nomination for the 5th District seat.

Riggleman will look to fill the seat left vacated by former Congressman Tom Garrett, who resigned last week due to his battle with alcoholism.


Franklin County State Senator Bill Stanley is the latest Republican to announce his willingness to run in the 5th district, but the list is much longer.

And that says Virginia Tech Professor and WDBJ7 Political Analyst Bob Denton is not surprising.

"When there's ever a vacuum, many people want to have their names put out there for consideration," Denton said Friday, "if not for this time, certainly to get their name on the radar for future elections and future selections."

Republicans haven't always had a lock on the seat.

L.F. Payne represented the district from 1988 to 1997.

And more recently, Tom Perriello was elected along with President Obama in 2008, before he was defeated two years later.

But even with this week's surprising turn of events, Denton says the district still leans Republican.

"Unless there is a tremendous Democratic wave," Denton said. "When you look at Trump winning by 11 points, Garrett his first time was 16 points, I think you'd have to say the 5th certainly leans Republican."

Denton says members of the 5th District committee are under a lot of pressure to choose a candidate who can win.

The big decision, he says, is whether they go with a newcomer or an established candidate who has won before.

We should know the answer to that question Saturday afternoon.

The 5th District Republican Committee meets at 10:00 am at Nelson County High School.