WATCH: 7@four LIVE at the Grandin Theatre (Full Show)

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(WDBJ7)-- WDBJ7 called the historic Grandin Theatre home for the first 7@four show with a studio audience.

Hundreds of hometown viewers filled seats Wednesday, October 9 to see segments spotlighting the aspects that make the Grandin Village area special.

Audirences saw an update on the beloved Community Inn restaurant that sustained major fire damage earlier in the year, Jean Jadhon's spotlight on areas for shopping and exploring what businesses have to offer, and a look back at the history of the theatre.

Brent Stevens from Hollins University joined the crew to talk about "Judy", a new film about Judy Garland that will be showing at the Grandin, and reflect on his time visiting the theatre while growing up.

A newcomer to the Grandin Village scene, the restaurant Farmburguesa, held a burger building contest for WDBJ7 viewers live on the set.

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