88-year-old woman sues after tripping over electric scooter left in no parking zone

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KCBS/KCAL/CNN) - An 88-year-old woman filed a $500,000 lawsuit after she tripped over a scooter and broke her hip and elbow.

Dorothy Green, 88, fractured her hip in five places and broke her elbow after a fall over an electric scooter. Now, she's suing the city of Santa Monica, Lyft and Santa Monica Community Emeritus College. (Source: KCAL/KCBS via CNN)

Paula Green described her mother, Dorothy Green, as vibrant and full of life before the accident, but since then her life changed.

"She has trouble walking. If she stays in bed too long, she's really stiff and hurting,” Paula Green said.

In September 2018, Paula Green says she was dropping her mother off at Santa Monica Community Emeritus College. It’s a center that offers classes and programs specifically for older adults.

Paula Green pulled into a loading zone and says it was covered in scooters.

"It was so crowded and she tried to get through there and somehow one of the scooters ended up catapulting her back into the street,” she said. "She's on the floor. There's blood everywhere. Her arm is ripped to the bone."

Dorothy Green also suffered five fractures in her pelvis.

The accident happened shortly after Santa Monica city leaders approved scooters in the city.

The location of the fall happens to be a no parking zone, but Paula Green said that it was littered with scooters anyway.

"It's really frustrating and particularly because this is in front of a senior college, so I would say probably half of the people there are in canes or walkers,” Paula Green said.

The Green family filed a lawsuit against the city of Santa Monica, Lyft and the college.

"All of them are responsible for my client's injuries,” said Catherine Lerer, Dorothy Green’s attorney. "Seniors have to have a safe passage, a safe right of way across the sidewalk and the city knew these electric devices were there, Emeritus College knew that they were there, and Lyft allowed them to be placed there."

"It's just a hazard. They've got to make some rules. The’ve got to enforce them, you know, because a lot of people are going to get hurt,” Paula Green said.

Local media reached out to the city of Santa Monica and Lyft for comment, but there has been no response.

A trial regarding the incident is scheduled for 2021.

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