Bedford County 911 dispatcher guides life-saving CPR, helps father revive 2-year-old

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BEDFORD CO., Va. (WDBJ7) 911 dispatchers never know what they're going to hear when they answer the phone.

Last Sunday, Bedford County dispatcher Michael Miller received a frantic emergency call, after a two-year-old child was pulled from Smith Mountain Lake.

His actions played a critical role in saving the boy's life.

"My first goal was to make sure that child was breathing," Miller told WDBJ7. "And when I found out he wasn't breathing... I helped administer CPR over the phone."

911 dispatchers train for emergencies like the one Miller encountered on Sunday, and he remained calm, encouraging the people on the other end of the line to perform chest compressions.

The most challenging part of the call, he said, was making sure they were following his instructions correctly.

"I believe at one point she had said the child was doing better," Miller told us, "and the child's father said he was breathing. I was better, we all had a sigh of relief that that child was okay."

Miller has advice for anyone who has an emergency and calls 911.

Listen to the 911 operator, he said.

Not only will the dispatcher summon help as quickly as possible, but he says the operator can also offer life-saving information over the phone.

The boy went to the hospital after he nearly drowned, but we're told he was eating ice cream later in the day, and is now back home in North Carolina apparently doing well.