Employee hides in cooler during standoff in Kentucky liquor store

27-year old Timothy Wade Caldwell is charged in connection to a standoff inside a Lexington liquor store. (Photo from Fayette Co. Detention Center)
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- A man barricaded inside a Lexington liquor store has surrendered to police.

A Lexington Police lieutenant says this situation started around 10:20 Wednesday night when an officer attempted to stop a stolen vehicle. The suspect ended up bailing out of the car. He then ran into Corner Liquor, located at the corner of Newtown Pike and Georgetown Street, in Lexington.

There were at least two employees inside at the time. One clerk was able to exit the store by jumping out of the drive thru window. However, a second employee was stuck inside. That worker hid in a cooler for hours until the suspect found him.

Patrick O'Neil, the owner of the Corner Liquor store, says he was watching all of this unfold on a live feed security camera.

"I text Micah who was in the cooler and I said, 'Stay put. The police know you're there. I know you're there. Stay put until one of us gets a hold of you.' Well, about an hour later this guy opens up the cooler," said O'Neil.

The suspect was armed with two guns he found under the register in the store.

The owner says the suspect intended on holding his employee hostage, but decided to let him go after the worker told the gunman he had five kids.

O'Neil says he watched on the camera as the suspect put a gun to his own head and then started shooting out lights in the store. Eventually, O'Neil says the man grabbed a bottle of liquor off the shelf and started drinking.

Six hours later, O'Neil says the man passed out in the bathroom. That's when police went inside and took him into custody.

Lexington Police arrested 27-year old Timothy Wade Caldwell. He is facing more than 20 charges including nine counts of wanton endangerment, burglary, fleeing and evading police and possession of a handgun by a felon.

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