Students participate in Project RADAR to make school zones safer

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LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) -- Students at Little Chute High School in Wisconsin are taking learning outside of the classroom, and their research could to improve their community's safety.

Little Chute High School student holds a radar gun
Little Chute High School student holds a radar gun during Project RADAR (WBAY photo)

Armed with clipboards and radar guns, some physics students are tracking the speeds of drivers outside of their school.

"We're learning about speed and how fast their going," says freshman Matthew Koch. "We're going to put it down on the tables that we have and going to analyze it and do that stuff."

What they analyze in the classroom, from the data collected, will be turned over to the Safe Routes to School program, which works to improve the safety of students coming and going from school.

"We're going to use that data to go back to local municipalities staff and hopefully make some changes in the school zones," said Ashley Tracy with Safe Routes to School.

Safe Routes to School teamed up with Leadership Fox Cities and in this case, Little Chute High School, for the program called Project RADAR, RADAR standing for Reminding All Drivers About Responsibility.

The goal is to engage young drivers, by having them collect the data and analyze their findings in their physics class. The experience creates an awareness of safe driving habits, not just in school zones, but on any road.

"We're working with high schoolers who, as you can imagine, are new drivers, so they're very impressionable. So we're working with them to help them understand the responsibilities that come with getting a driver's license," says Ryan Veleke from Leadership Fox Cities.

The students not only learned a physics lesson, but a life lesson they won't forget about when they're behind the wheel.

"I'm going to go the speed limit and be careful for all of the situations out there," Koch added.

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