A Marine veteran is reunited with his military dog in Roanoke

Published: Jan. 14, 2019 at 5:51 PM EST
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A marine veteran, a military dog, and one special reunion. It happened in Roanoke last week when the non-profit Mission K9 Rescue reunited one military dog with his original handler.

Marine Veteran Chad Migkins was on edge for weeks.

"What if he doesn't remember me? What if he doesn't like me anymore," Migkins asked himself. "And it was like so nerve-wracking."

He found out he was going to be reunited with Dini--the K9 he worked alongside in Japan.

"Being service members you know, you can get down on yourselves really quickly and things can start to spiral out of hand, and I was blessed and fortunate enough to be able to rely on Deni and he'd always be there for me," Migkins said.

The marine corps got priority of Dini after Migkins left Japan and Migkins thought he may never see his dog again. But the non-profit Mission K9 came to the rescue and reunited Dini with his partner.

Kristen Maurer, President of Mission K9, said, "These guys, they served together, they were on the front line together, they protected each other and when they're separated, I think a piece of them is apart . . . so whenever we're allowed to reunite them like this, you can kind of see that piece get put back together."

"It was probably the best moment I've had in my life," Migkins said.

A local charitable motorcycle club--Moto Men--is raising money for Mission K9 so more reunions like this one can happen.

Nate Jennings, Founder of Moto Men, said the reunion "was an amazing experience and that's what we're all here for, this is the epitome of what Moto men want to do, working with organizations and great veterans who have served our county and reuniting them."

On Migkin's and Dini's first night back together, "He just sat there you know and just cuddled up with me the whole time ad he wouldn't let me go anywhere, if I went to the bathroom he'd come with me, if I went to the fridge to get water, he'd be right there beside me," Migkins said.

And beside him he'll stay.

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