A mother credits chiropractic care for healing her children

Published: Nov. 1, 2017 at 6:11 PM EDT
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You've heard of adults going to a chiropractor and getting adjusted but what about small children?

To many people this is a scary thought but Raeann Foster has been taking both of her kids since they were infants.

Her oldest son Will is two and a half years old and was first adjusted when he was a baby.

“We chronic ear infections and dealt with colds. He started getting adjusted when he was six months old and he has not had an ear infection since,” explained Foster.

Foster’s second pregnancy came with some complications. She spent two months in the hospital and her son Eli was born premature. "They always told us that he would be behind and he would have up to two years to catch up."

So Foster enrolled in early intervention with the chiropractor and that's when things changed. "He did have some trunk issues but he never had to go to physical therapy and even to this day he's been on track and hasn't needed any special care,” said Foster.

But Foster admits there's a stigma with children and chiropractors. "I have several friends that are in the medical field and when I tell them I got my kids adjusted they were terrified."

Despite the judgement though, Foster says her children are in better health and that's all this mother could ask for!