A new race for the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) This year the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon is bringing something new to the race.

It's a race that's doable for everyone and it's meant to encourage health no matter your age or fitness level.

Carilion and the YMCA have teamed up to bring you the Carilion Children's Family One-Miler. The Event Manager for Roanoke Outside Foundation Julia Boas explains why this event was so important. "Marathon, half-marathon, 10k; those are all pretty daunting distances so we really wanted to make this race accessible to everybody."

The YMCA Communications Director Kim Bratic says the goal is to get the entire family moving. "All varieties can get together now. I know grandparents want to be involved as well as their kids, aunts and uncles, family members and friends."

Pediatricians with Carilion Children’s also encourage families to exercise together and get the entire family involved in a fitness program. “You really need to get a habit going of being active and seeing being active is fun and not a chore,” said Alice Ackerman, Chair of Pediatrics at Carilion Children’s.

In year's past there was an event called the YMCA Kids Marathon. While the ideas was great, it also brought about some concerns, so it was discontinued for a couple years. "When you do send a ton of kids running through the city streets there are a lot of logistics and a lot of safety concerns," explained Bratic.

Parents also wanted to be with their child during this milestone, and this new race makes that possible.

You can walk, run, or sprint the mile and still be involved in all the race day hype.

Kids can race by themselves if they're over the age of ten.

Remember this is for any age so you can register a child, an adult, or get a family package.