Locals gather in Salem for a protest to end racism and police brutality

Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 11:32 AM EDT
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Protests were still happening across our hometowns over the weekend, as demonstrators said they won't stop until they see justice. Sunday, a group of the younger generation gathered in Salem to focus on what's next and how to stop stereotypes around black culture.

A group of protesters marched from Longwood Park in Salem to the Police Department with a police escort chanting what we've been hearing over the last week, "Black Lives Matter" and "No Justice No peace" and creating conversation about ending stereotypes.

"Not every black girl wants to shake her butt and make money for it, not every black man wants to sling drugs."

One woman commended the group for creating the wave of change.

"As parents of this generation, we love you and we needed you- we needed you guys thank you to this generation. I applaud you."

One of the organizers, Ashton Ledbetter, said it's a hard thing to understand if you have never fallen victim of racism or police brutality.

"They walk outside, they know what it's like, they see the climate, they know they're being watched and eyes are all on them because they're darker," said Ledbetter.

Organizers said shedding light on how the black community feels will hopefully end the stereotypes that follow them around every day.

"I am constantly worried about my brothers, about my friends, about my boyfriend about my boyfriend's friends."

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