A parade to honor history in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) In honor of Lee-Jackson Day, the Sons of Confederate Veterans held their annual parade in Lexington. With last summer's violent rallies in Charlottesville, organizers made it clear the parade is to commemorate the lives of Lee and Jackson.

Main Street in Lexington was filled with the sounds of drums, bagpipes, and bystanders. Those in the parade wore civil war fashions and held Confederate flags.

"There is a lot to explore here," said Brandon Dorsey of the Stonewall Brigade, "and we want to encourage people to explore and to learn." Lots of people came from across Virginia and North Carolina to help recognize a piece of history and honor their heritage, but law enforcement was on hand to ensure it was peaceful.

At the beginning of the ceremony and before the wreaths were laid at the statue in the cemetery, Dorsey set the tone the event was not a platform for any modern political views. "If you are somebody that is here and you have any type of notion of being involved in any sort of Alt-Right stuff we will ask you to leave nicely the first time," said Dorsey.

"America is a family, north, south, left, right," said T-bird Matthews who was a parade participant. Most of the attendees WDBJ7 spoke with had peace and honoring heritage on their mind.