A trio of bald eagles raise an eaglet in Illinois; watch here

Screenshot from the Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge
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(WDBJ7) -- A trio of eagles, two fathers and a mother (Valor 1, Valor II and Starr) are raising a little eaglet in the backwaters of a Mississippi Wildlife refuge.

To tell the eagles apart:
• Valor I has notch white feathers around his front neck line.
• Valor II has longer feathers around his neck line and has a black spot from the left pupil into the white of eye.
• Starr is the largest of the two and has a wider beak at the base and darker shadows around her eyes.

According to the Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River River Refuge, the first eaglet hatched on March 27, the second on March 29 and the third on April 1.

Check the livestream here.

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