Adult sewing class bringing back 'lost art'

ROANOKE CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Can you sew a button, or hem your pants? These ladies say it’s time we all learn.

“It’s become a lost art,” Kathy Pierce said.

The Roanoke Chapter of the American Sewing Guild is holding a class for adults to help change that.

“We’re going to be teaching beginner students how to sew a pillowcase using French seams,” Pierce said.

Pierce shows the difference between surging seams and what they’ll teach at the class, the French Seem.

But she and Anne Landey say having these basic skills are good for fixing your own clothes at home.

“Now I’m gearing up to make just about all of my own clothes,” Pierce said.

Actually, they both make a good deal of what they wear, and now they’re hoping to teach others something they grew up doing.

“I began sewing with a cousin at my grandmother's,” Anne Landey said. “We lived on the same block, all of us. And not only did I sew with them, but I also sewed with my mother.”

So whether you started years ago, or you’ve never picked up a needle and thread, Pierce and Landey can teach you a thing or two.

“Because we love to sew so much we think everybody else should,” Landey said.

They held a class on April 29, and because of increased demand there will be another one held at a later date. Everything is provided for students at the class, and for information, call 540-588-7417, or go to the American Sewing Guild - Roanoke, Va Facebook page.