After Drive-In restaurant reopens following a yearlong remodel, sign stolen then returned

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FAIRLAWN, Va. (WDBJ7) A well known Drive-In restaurant in Pulaski County is saying thank you to whoever returned a priceless vintage sign after it was stolen.

Hank's Drive-In just reopened after a year long renovation. The entire inside was remodeled and a fresh coat of paint brightened up the outside.

Over the weekend the owner says someone took the sign that the original owner hung outside more than three decades ago. It fell after a recent storm.

After a plea for its safe return on social media, the sign was back at the restaurant Tuesday morning with no damage.

"It might just of been that they thought we were going to throw it away and they brought it back. It doesn't matter. Just that it was brought back and I thank God and the people that brought it back," said Shenna Viers, the owner.

The restaurant owner, that first opened 46 years ago, tells us it's seen an increase in customers since it reopened.

Hank's prides itself on it's made to order food. It's now offering shirts for sale. Contact the restaurant at (540) 731-1579 for more information.