After the passed referendum, Danville city leaders and the Colonial Downs Group are looking for potential locations

DANVILLE, Va (WDBJ)- With just 52 percent of the votes, the referendum to allow pari-mutuel wagering in Danville passed on Tuesday.

Danville leaders will help Colonial Downs Group find the right fit for Rosie's.

The Colonial Downs Group says they're pleased with the outcome.

Colonial Downs Group spokesperson, Mark Hubbard, believes that voters realized how much of a benefit Rosie's Gaming Emporium could be for the city.

"Voters in Danville see that the city is growing, changing and becoming more vibrant and see this as an opportunity to continue that," said Hubbard.

Colonial Downs Group says the Danville Rosie's would create 200 jobs and be a similar operation to the one in Vinton.

Over the last six months Rosie's has created over $300,000 in tax revenue there and Councilman James Buckner says that new stream of money from Rosie's will take away the pressure to increase taxes for residents.

"Anytime we can increase revenue it saves our customers, which are the citizens of Danville, so the more tax dollars coming in from new industries and businesses means we don't raise taxes next year," said Buckner.

As for Rosie's' location, city manager Ken Larking says the city will be working the Colonial Downs Group to find the right fit in the city.

"Obviously it has to be zoned properly for it, it's going to be an area that is commercial in nature and going to be like-type business in that same area."

There is no current time table for when the location will be announced.

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