After two rejections, Blacksburg isn't giving up on efforts to buy old high school property

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Town leaders in Blacksburg aren't letting rejection stop their efforts to buy the former high school property.

"We've been dealing with this for about five years. We'd very much like to have this settled," said Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam.

Blacksburg has big plans for the old Blacksburg High School property that sits right across from the town's aquatic center and parks and recreation building.

"The town would like to purchase that property and use it to expand our recreation program. We serve not only just the town of Blacksburg, we serve the whole north end of the county," Rordam said.

Montgomery County also has plans.

In an offer to the county, Blacksburg leaders propose $2.75 million - that's $750,000 more than their original offer - which includes demolition costs.

The town also said it was willing to eliminate an additional fee for parks and rec programs charged to people who don't live in the town.

Montgomery County denied their offer but said it was willing to work with the town.

County leaders won't go into details but in a response to the town say they've received a proposal from a developer. The county has also had more interest since a for sale sign was posted earlier this month. "Our asking price remains at three million dollars," a letter reads, "as is."

Blacksburg's mayor doesn't fully support the idea of making it a new neighborhood.

"Every study that I've read shows that residential development does not pay for itself," Rordam said.

This conversation has evolved ever since the roof of the gym collapsed at BHS seven years ago.

The county says it's considering all offers, but the town's proposal isn't competitive.