Alleged MS-13 gang member pleads guilty to charges in relation to murder of Raymond Wood

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BEDFORD CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Juan Hernandez, an alleged MS-13 gang member, has pleaded guilty to three charges in relation to the death of Raymond Wood in Bedford County.

Hernandez communicated with all of the co-defendants before Wood was killed, according to Commonwealth's Attorney Wes Nance.

Nance says Hernandez did not participate in the murder, but picked up Cristian Sanchez-Gomez and Kevin Soto-Bonilla after the murder and drove them from the scene.

As a result, Sanchez-Gomez and Soto-Bonilla would not be arrested and charged in the case until months later.

Hernandez, who was based out of Charlottesville, has been found guilty of two felony charges of gang participation and accessory after the fact to capital murder, and one misdemeanor charge of accessory after the fact to abduction of Wood.

Officials say Hernandez's sentencing will be set off for a substantial amount of time and that it is set to docket control purposes only for January 1, 2020. The sentencing will take place a different day.

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