Alleghany County supervisors allocate more money for school resource officers

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LOW MOOR, Va. (WDBJ7) The Alleghany County board of supervisors met Thursday night in a special session, where they voted unanimously to allocate $40,000 to pay for school resource officers -- SROs -- for all of the county's schools.

It has been a rough week in Alleghany High School.

“It does weigh heavy on us, because what it does is it takes away from us focusing on the education," explains Alleghany School Superintendent Gene Kotulka. "So for the last five days, I’ve had six or seven administrators that haven’t been able to do their job because they’ve been focusing on this. And our number one priority remains the safety is our kids, so of course we’re not going to do anything until we can ensure that.”

The sheriff’s office has shown an increased presence, but on a normal day there are only two school resource officers and a supervisor covering Alleghany’s five schools.

“Well, that’s something that we wanted to do, the sheriff’s office along with the school board and the county," says Sheriff Kevin Hall, "To get more officers out in the schools and get our schools – to enhance our program that we already have, and that’s our SRO program.”

So the county board of supervisors and school board called a special meeting to discuss what can be done about it.

“I mean, I receive a phone call from one of our board of supervisor members the other day, Mr. Griffith, and he’s been real supportive and he’s kind of spearheading it," Hall says. "And I applaud him for that, and all the other board members I understand are in favor of it.”

“So we estimated the cost at around $40,000 to make sure we have all of the buildings covered for the rest of this year," Kotulka explains. "And then that gives us the opportunity to plan to start next year, which is generally the first week of August we start school. And so it allows us to put a plan in and train any of our school resource officers that come on board, and it gives us plenty of time to do that. And so tonight we meet with our board of supervisors, with the school board, to enact that plan.”