Alleghany County's M3 Militia deliver food to shut-ins

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 6:13 PM EDT
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“It started with one phone call, one list, one deputy," said Corey Clark of the M3 Militia. "And it turned into a real heartfelt need for us to be able to do this.”

When Alleghany County’s M3 Militia formed, they were prepared to help.

“One of our core ideas was to be able to provide community service," M3 Militia member Matt Sponaugle said. "And we had already talked about things like this, you know, floods, that kind of stuff.”

So with social distancing leaving some stuck at home without the chance to get food, they swung into action with a call to Sheriff Kevin Hall.

“When this came about, Corey Clark, he called me up and he said: Hey, I’ve got a business that wants to give 25 meals tonight, can you all give me a list of names of people that really need them,” Hall explained.

The program took off, starting with 25 meals last week, but ballooning to more than 200. They needed a little administrative help.

That’s where the Salvation Army comes in.

“We are in social services all year. We do this, people come to us for food, for clothing, for utility assistance," said Maj. Robin Hackbarth of the Salvation Army. "So we’re very, well, have the ability to take on this task.”

So now the calls can come in to the Salvation Army, who are coordinating the deliveries, and hoping to help bring the assistance to something a little less critical.

“We’ve all decided this is the key group of people that need our help,” the Salvation Army's Maj. George Hackbarth said.

“We just basically put everything we have into this," explained Clark. "It means that much to us. To basically give up our livelihood to make sure other people survive.”

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