Alleghany Foundation announces grants

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COVINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) Money is coming for several local organizations and schools in Alleghany County.

The Alleghany Foundation announced over a million dollars in grants. That money will go to the Alleghany Highlands YMCA, the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, and County Public Schools and other organizations.

"The grant appilcation process and the review process is very competitive," says Mary Fant Donnan, the foundation's Executive Director. "As much as we were thrilled to give out a lot of money for the past year -- about 1.3 million -- the reality is that there were many other worthy opportunities for which community groups sought funding."

0The money comes from a trust that was formed by the sale of the Alleghany Regional Hospital. The foundation supports leaders and organizations to improve the quality of life in the Alleghany Highlands.