Altavista Chief of Police announces his resignation Tuesday

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ALTAVISTA, Va. (WDBJ7) Altavista Chief of Police Mike Milnor announced his resignation to the public on Tuesday. Milnor says his resignation will be effective on July 1.

In a statement, Milnor said there had "been much prayer and soul-searching as [he] reached this decision."

Milnor said when he first took the leadership position within the Altavista Police Department, he underwent a rebuilding process within the department. He said he now believes this "rebuilding process is complete."

Milnor also said in his statement that he believes "it is now time for a "long-term" Chief of Police to come and continue the vision of taking this department to the future."

He also wanted to thank the public saying, "I have never been better received or supported by citizens such as I have during my tenure as Chief."

Milnor said he plans on being involved in the search for a new Altavista Chief of Police, which is why he will not be resigning until July 1.

Milnor served as the Altavista Chief of Police for two years.