Altavista Splash Pad could see changes

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ALTAVISTA, Va. (WDBJ7)-- One local hot spot to cool off could see some changes for this summer.

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The Splash Pad in Altavista opened last year.

The water playground for kids is housed in English Park.

Altavista town council will discuss Tuesday whether to add new signage, child care stations and traffic patterns around the area.

At the meeting they'll also look into changing the hours of operation so the area would be open longer during the season.

"We wanted to see what we did learn from those six weeks or so that we had it open before. We went in to having it open for four, five months. What did we learn? What could we utilize to our advantage to make it run smooth this full summer?" said Waverly Coggsdale, Altavista Town Manager.

They plan to re-open the area this May.

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