Amherst County Scottish Inns deemed 'spot blight' to be demolished

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AMHERST Co., Va. (WDBJ7) -- After hundreds of violations, an Amherst County motel will be torn down.

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Failure to pass property maintenance inspections, health code violations and dozens of 911 calls are just a few reasons leaders in Amherst County are giving the owner of Scottish Inns just days to vacate the motel. "So in 30 days, the Scottish Inn will be empty," said county administrator Dean Rodgers. "I know it's unsafe and I know it's unhealthy," he said.

The motel sits on more than two acres off the busy South Amherst Highway.

Rodgers officially declared the site a spot blight.

That's because the property was deemed a safety hazard. "Smoke detectors that were not working or inoperable, fire extinguishers that were out of date or not functioning, means of egress that were blocked, broken windows," said Nathan Young, the county's Building Inspector.

Young has been working with the property owner for months.

With direction from the county, they've created a rehabilitation agreement.

The agreement states the owner will have three days to notify those living at the motel to vacate in 30 days. The owner then has 45 days to turn over his business license, 210 days to secure a demolition permit and 60 days to demolish, leaving those living at the motel looking for new housing.

Rodgers says the county is aware families live at the motel, but with 55 emergency calls over the course of 100 days, he says enough is enough. "There will be no reason for 911 calls, there will be no reason for a school bus stop, there will be no reason for addition social services to pour into that hotel within 30 days, it'll be empty."

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