Amherst County family faces medical and emotional hurdles nearly three months after an EF-3 tornado

ELON, Va. (WDBJ7)-- In Amherst County, a community continues to recover. This weekend marks three months since an EF-3 tornado destroyed dozens of homes in Elon.

Off Elon Road, pieces of Wayne Goff's old trailer blend in with the weeds. He and his fiancé were renting the trailer for about four months when the tornado hit.

"It just haunts me still to this day,” said Goff. “You lay around every day thinking about it. Is it going to happen again."

On the night of the tornado, Goff and his fiancé’s daughter, Haley Clark, were thrown. They laid with the rubble- in between windows, bed frames and woods.

"I just remember as soon as we walked out of my room, Wayne grabbed me and we just went up in the air," said Clark.

"And then it seemed like we just went to sleep. There was no more of it,” said Goff.

They both woke up to a hospital stay. Goff had more than 27 pieces of bone broken from his knee to ankle. Clark had gashes on her feet and muscle was exposed.

Today, it’s clear that healing is a process. Goff is wheelchair bound, for now. He has had several surgeries on his leg and experienced two bad infections that left him in danger of losing his leg.

The tornado has taken its toll not only physically, but mentally as well. The entire family can’t handle the rain anymore.

"It just feels like it's going to happen again- like the tornado is going to happen again,” said Clark.

But the tornado’s effects have also hit the family financially. They didn't have renter's insurance, Goff can't work and medical bills are piling up.

"We try not to focus on that. What we've got, we have been very thankful of,” said Goff.

The family takes it all step by step, knowing recovery has no timeline, but they're not alone in this fight.

"We all just got to try and shake it and move on and enjoy life- and it's just going to be a struggle. It's going to be very hard to do so," said Goff.

One of the only reasons the family has been able to pay rent since the tornado is because of monetary support from the community. They say they are very thankful and want other tornado victims to know they are in this with them.

"Let everybody know that was affected by the tornado, that we were affected too,” said Clark. “And we know what they're going through."