Angels of Assisi offers an open door on Christmas to people without plans

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Christmas is a time for family and fellowship, but there are many people out there who spend the holiday alone.

Angels of Assisi opens every Christmas, serving breakfast to people who would otherwise spend the holiday alone.

"We had people waiting at the door right at 9 o'clock.," Matthew Brown said of their Christmas with the Angels event. "We like to help the people and the pets in the Roanoke Valley. A lot of times at Christmas, people look to get all the pets adopted and everything like that. But people get forgotten at Christmas, and they don't have anywhere to go Christmas morning."

Staff members started hosting the annual breakfast four years ago. They were already stopping by to take care of the animals, so they figured this would be a way to help their fellow man as well.

"Everybody loves animals," Jessica Worrell. "Everybody wants to be around pets. So it's a win-win for everyone, being around pets, having a nice breakfast, conversation, especially on the days that you just want to be with someone."

After breakfast, attendees stop by and visit the adoptable animals. Staff members hope they can connect potential new owners with the perfect cat or dog, creating a "furever" home that will be full of love this time next year.