Anonymous donation to Christiansburg Elementary helps feed students

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) An anonymous donor in Christiansburg is paying it forward. The person is helping keep kids whose families can’t afford lunch from going hungry during the school day.

Lunch is social hour for fifth graders, but for 47 percent of the students here at Christiansburg Elementary, breakfast and lunch is something their families can’t pay for all the time.

“In Montgomery County Public Schools, we are a Title One school, so we’re a schoolwide Title One program. And so that affords families who qualify to become eligible to receive free and reduced breakfast and lunch,” said Kelly Roark, principal of Christiansburg Elementary School.

And while this program helps, there are still families who can't afford school meals, and kids end up charging them to an account. But now, thanks to a generous anonymous donation of more than $1,400 made to two schools, those families who have outstanding balances on school lunches, now have a balance of zero.

“This anonymous donation will help our students on academics throughout the day and not being hungry and not on their lunch account, their delinquent lunch account,” said fourth grade teacher, Megan Hawley.

And the donor’s goal was to hopefully motivate and inspire other people to follow suit, and help wherever they can as well.

“We appreciate the generosity, and I think it does speak to our Christiansburg community and how much they do care about our schools and our students who attend there,” Roark said.

So these kids will have full bellies and their parents will be pleasantly surprised with the news that they’ll have fuller wallets, thanks to one kind person.