Anthony Flaccavento announces another run at Ninth District Congressional seat

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) October 18 is less than three weeks from the November 7 General Election, but some are already looking to 2018.

Anthony Flaccavento announced Wednesday at the Christiansburg local 82160's Union hall he'd be running for the House of Representatives District Nine seat.

Flaccavento ran against Congressman Morgan Griffith in 2012, but came well short of the election. He admitted Wednesday he didn't expect to win then, but thinks he has a real chance in 2018.

He said, "My first platform is stop giving tax breaks to the rich that already are doing so well and the biggest corporations that are already way too big, and start investing in community, in independent businesses, in mid-sized manufacturing."

Flaccavento said he'll run a grassroots campaign, meaning relying on lots of volunteers and not accepting any corporate donation.

The campaign, he said, will also focus on a healthcare system reaching everyone, something like a Medicare for all and funding rural, small town schools.

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