Anti-pipeline groups joined together to host a 'Defend the Sacred' protest

Published: Jun. 11, 2017 at 12:07 AM EDT
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The Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines are hot button issues for many people in our area.

Groups against the pipeline joined together to host a protest called 'Defend the Sacred'.

However, organizers of the protest tried to make this event a little different.

"We wanted to focus on using the festival in a means of bringing people together around music and many organizations and grassroots groups that have been fighting this pipeline and raise awareness and get other people involved and understand what landowners and environmentalist, people who are concerned about property rights and imminent domain. So it's sounding the alarm to get more people to understand it," said Carolyn Reilly of BOLD Alliance.

Those for and against the pipeline are waiting for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to release a final environmental impact study.

Dominion Energy says the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would support 17-thousand jobs during construction and save consumers 377-million dollars in energy costs each year.

But, people at the event in Elmwood Park think otherwise.

Democratic Candidate for Governor, Tom Perriello stopped by the event and shared his thoughts on what would happen if the pipelines were built.

"I think this is going in the exact opposite of direction of jobs. This is a job killer, we should be putting far more construction crews and tradesmen to work on the jobs of the future which are weatherization and methane capture, solar and wind," Perriello said.