Appalachian Power working to restore power following weekend storm

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - UPDATE: As of Monday morning, Appalachian Power says service has been restored to more than 90 percent of customers who lost it due to storm damage.

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Most areas in Virginia should have power restored by this afternoon, according to AP. In Scott, Smyth and Washington Counties, power is expected to be restored around 10 p.m., though certain areas with severe damage may have to wait a little longer.

For a look at AP's outage map, click here.

ORIGINAL STORY:Crews are still working after powerful winds swept through our area over the weekend, causing power outages.

Strong winds and heavy rain hit many of our hometowns, leaving thousands without power.

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"It stretches from down in the Carolinas all the way up north; this storm went all the way up north above Ohio and Michigan, all the way out to Tennessee; we've got crews in Tennessee too," David Martin, a Foreman at Davis H. Elliot Company, said. He was contracted out to work in Bedford County for the day.

His crew was working near Montvale, replacing a pole after wind knocked a tree over onto a double circuit.

"A big White Oak fell right behind the pole, and tree trimmers come and cut it all off before we got to work on it," Martin said.

After crews finished in Bedford County, they tackled other outage areas

"Wire burnt down in between poles, some switches and cut outs broke," Martin explained.

While the storm knocked trees and power lines down, Martin says it could be much worse.

"Some of the other storms took out more of the trees, it's just getting some of the stronger trees now; it was a pretty strong wind," he said.

AEP had extra help Sunday with storm response. More than 50 line workers from North Carolina came out to help turn the lights back on.

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