Appalachian Power encourages Smith Mountain Lake property owners to reach out

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PITTSYLVANIA CO., Va. (WDBJ7) As the summer season heats up on Smith Mountain Lake, Appalachian Power is asking property owners who are planning improvements to reach out.

Smith Mountain Lake is a federally-licensed hydro-electric project, and the permit requires a shoreline management plan.

With an influx of new property owners around the lake, the utility says it wants everyone to be aware of the requirements before they build.

Neil Holthouser is the Coordinator of the Shoreline Management Program.

"We really want them to just get on with the business of enjoying the lake, but from time to time when they need things, we want them to think of us and call us and ask the right questions," Holthouser told WDBJ7. "And then we're there to help them to try to, again, manage their property in a way that's consistent with the Shoreline Management Plan."

For more information on Appalachian Power's Shoreline Management Plan click on the link associated with this story.