Archery company in Salem going for gold

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) Tucked away here in Southwest Virginia, is a family-owned company, with a global reach.

“The Damon Company started 52 years ago. It was started and founded as a private business, and it still is a family-owned business,” said Sam Newsom, CEO.

One of the divisions run by the Damon Company is Shrewd Archery. Products are sold to about 15 counties across the world, and made in Salem.

But what they say is really exciting? Seeing their product used by members of Team USA in the Rio Olympic games.

“Makes us feel very proud that Olympic archers chose our products to shoot in the Olympics. Makes us proud that we can help support them as well, and of course, coming home with a medal is always sort of a piece of cake on top of that,” Sam said.

And they did take home some medals. Brady Ellison took home bronze in the individual, and he and his teammate, Zach Garrett took home the silver in team. These two members of the U.S. Men’s Archery team worked with Shrewd Archery on a brand new product that they’re releasing next week called “The Flex.”

“It’s a recurve scope. So basically this is what you use in order to aim to hit the target and everything, and what’s unique about this that most recurve scopes don’t offer is that it has interchangeable sun shades to it,” Riley Newsom said, Head of Product Development.

Riley and their engineer designed and helped create the Flex. For people who aren’t well versed in archery, they took an idea from a different type of bow, called a compound bow, and introduced it into the recurve market. That’s the type of bow Olympic archers use.

“So we had to shrink everything down, and that pin system is unique to us, and that’s new to the market entirely. To have this sort of versatility out of one scope is unparalleled,” Riley said.

Shrewd archery had its products used in the Paralympic Games as well. One of the members of Team Australia used one of their scopes and stabilizers, taking the bronze medal in the individual.

They’re already getting ready for the next summer games. The hope is their products will be used more commonly.