Roanoke museums search for shared storage space

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Center in the Square brought area museums together under one roof. Now museum directors say they want to replicate that model with storage.

"A lot of organizations need space that they don’t have at their own locations," Virginia Museum of Transportation Executive Director Bev Fitzpatrick said.

The Virginia Museum of Transportation has a whole wing devoted to storage. It's space they'd like to use, but they can't find an off-site facility that fits a non-profit budget.

Fitzpatrick says area museum directors get together from time-to-time, and there's talk of banding together to find a shared storage space.

"Center [in the Square] was a model for the United States," Fitzpatrick says of the shared museum space. "People came from all over the US to see how these organizations actually agreed to go together in one building and create what we would call a critical mass."

Fitzpatrick says he's spoken with ten other museum directors about the possibility and will continue to look for spaces.

Fitzpatrick says they try to keep attractions fresh by constantly evolving, which means keeping extra valuables waiting in the wings.

"Nobody wants to come to see the same thing that was there six months before, and that's been one of our biggest challenges," Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick says he'd like to find somewhere with upwards of 50-thousand square feet of space, and if anyone wants to donate a warehouse it would be a significant tax write-off.