Arrest warrant reveals new information in Christiansburg murder case

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) An arrest warrant has revealed new details in the investigation of a murder that happened at an audiology clinic in Christiansburg.

Justin Ward/WDBJ7

25-year-old Cyron Stokes of Christiansburg made his first court appearance Monday afternoon, after police say he killed an employee of Anderson Audiology.

In court he told the judge he wanted the death penalty and waived his right to an attorney. The judge appointed him an attorney for law or court related questions.

Police responded to Anderson Audiology at 11:10 a.m. on Friday. The original caller told dispatchers that a person needed help in the bathroom for an unknown reason. An employee then saw a fellow employee, 58-year-old Narrows resident Amy Shrader, bleeding heavily on the bathroom floor.

According to the arrest warrant, a client in the next room heard a woman yelling for help and went to the bathroom to assist. The door opened and a man, who police believe to be Stokes, exited the bathroom and punched the client in the face.

Stokes then drove about a mile away, ditching his car at a restaurant on Cambria Street. Police say he dropped a knife when he left his car. They found him hiding in a crawlspace underneath a home a short time later.

Stokes had a small amount of blood on his shoe. There was also blood on the driver's door handle.

Stokes was a client at the clinic.

The warrant states that Shrader was pronounced dead at the scene from what appears to be a stab wound to the neck area. A steak knife was found under her body.

Emergency crews took the client, who had been punched in the face, to the hospital. She has since been treated and released.

Anderson Audiology sent the following statement to employees on Monday

Today will be one that we will never forget that will forever change each and everyone of us. By now you have heard of the tragic loss that we have suffered today. We are still unsure of so very much but what we do know is that we have lost a valuable member of our family Amy will be greatly missed. Her family lost a mother a proud grandmother a sister and so much more I am sure. Please keep everyone in your prayers moving forward. This is a horrific day and there is no explanation or way of answering the why or how. All we can do is pray and hold our loved ones a little tighter and be thankful for the little things in our lives. Remember Amy's smile and kind heart as she always looked for the good in every situation and let us move forward doing the same. It will be up to us to carry her smile for her now and continue to look for the good to make the world a better place as she looks down with a full heart of joy. Please pray for her family and for us all. Mom and I love you all.