At least 23 dead, dozens injured after tornadoes tear through the South

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) At least 23 people are dead and even more injured after at least two tornadoes tore through southeast Alabama and nearby states.

The small town of Beauregard, Alabama is near the Alabama/Georgia border. The Lee County sheriff said the damage is catastrophic.

Homes were reduced to rubble as trees, trailers, and other debris were scattered across the area.

The National Weather Service confirmed late Sunday a tornado with at least an F3 rating was at least half a mile wide. It may have stayed on the ground for over a mile.

With so much damage to homes, businesses, and property, Lee county leaders expect the death toll to rise.

"At this point we're going to organize a more organized search in the morning," Opelika fire chief, Byron Prather said. "We're going to have different agencies come in from all over the state and Georgia. We're going to organize search areas and quadrants and start a more intensive search in the morning and cover areas we've already covered and some additional areas as well."

In the midst of the destruction, rescuers found one woman's puppy and safely return it to her.

A cell tower was also blown over onto US highway 280/431.

Parts of Eufuala, Alabama are also unrecognizable after a tornado passed through the town, completely destroying a fire station and the Eufaula Municipal Airport.

Authorities say the destruction is unprecedented in their community.

"Houses are completely destroyed," Prather said. "Homes are basically just slabs where once stood a home. Massive damage. In specific areas the contents of one resident's [home], we know for a fact was located over a thousand yards away."

Alabama wasn't the only state hit by tornadoes.

A tornado crashed through the small town of Talbotton, Georgia Sunday. Drone video shows the destruction taken by one neighborhood. One home appeared to be moved off its foundation. A chimney toppled into a pile of bricks on top of a car. Debris was absolutely everywhere and some homes were reduced to rubble.

Over in Ellerslie, Georgia, more trees came down, several houses destroyed, and several people injured.

"Everything that we built in 19 years, gone, in a blink of an eye," one Ellerslie resident said.

Police say a tornado touched down just south of Cairo, Georgia, damaging dozens of homes and businesses. First responders assisted several people trapped in their damaged homes.

Part of I-185 in Columbus ,Georgia was shut down while crews worked to clear trees and limbs from the highway.

However, Alabama and Georgia weren't the only states to be hit by this massive storm.

A mobile home in South Carolina was chopped in half by a fallen tree.

"And we got out and the next tree came down above where my bedroom is," Shiela McMillan, the home's owner said. "So there's two trees holding the end of the down there and it's going to snap at some point, everything's going to be gone."

Fortunately, everyone was able to get out of the home okay.

The storm also blew through Tallahassee, Florida, knocking down trees and power lines.

Crews and residents across the south have a long way to go to clean up from this storm.