Authorities warn of social security scam in Montgomery County

Photo Source: Pixabay / MGN
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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Authorities are alerting the public of a social security scam reported by multiple residents in Montgomery County.

Campbell County Sheriff's office said people are receiving calls from individuals saying that their social security number has been suspended.

"In one common tactic, the fake callers tell the potential victim that his or her Social Security number has been “suspended” because of suspicious activity or because it has been involved in a crime,
Captain Mike Lawhorn, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office said. "The callers may ask their victims to confirm their Social Security numbers, or they even say that the victims must withdraw cash from their bank accounts and that the accounts will be frozen if the victims don’t act quickly."

The office provided tips for the public when receiving these calls.

• Government agencies will never ask for money over the phone, and especially not in the form of gift cards.
• Do not believe your caller I.D. Scammers can fake caller I.D. numbers using a process called “spoofing.”
• Do not give out personal information and never pay with a credit card over the phone.
• Hang up on robocalls.
• Do not wire or make electronic money transfers to an unknown person.

Anyone who receives these calls is asked to report the call to the inspector general at 1-800-269-0271 or by going to