Auto Body classes coming back to Patrick Henry Community College

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HENRY CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Patrick Henry Community College is bringing back its Auto Body program.

Leaders say there is a large need in the Martinsville and Henry County area for young men and women with automotive and auto body skills.

WDBJ7's Danielle Staub takes us to the shop.

"Always a big demand for it. People are always needing their engines rebuilt," Patrick Henry Community College Automotive Student Brandon Perdue said.

"When I was a little kid I always loved to take stuff apart. I always wanted to see how it works and when I was little I tore down a lawn mower that my mom said couldn't be fixed and I fixed it," Perdue said.

Perdue says he is happy with his career path because he knows there will always be work.

"Because sometimes people don't always love to get their hand dirty," Perdue said.

But for those that do, there is a new opportunity in auto body coming to the community college.

"Paint or body or masking or detailing or dis-assembly, seems like everybody is needing a little bit of something for help," Automotive and Auto Body Instructor Robert Wagner said.

The auto body program began in 2006. But about two years ago, it was put on hold.

Now, they want to bring it back bigger and better.

"Because we have I think we looked up about 40 body shops that deal with body one way or the other. And with that many people that need help," Wagner said.

Instructor Robert Wagner says it's about helping the industry on the Southside and those without jobs.

In an effort to keep up with the latest trends, leaders are asking local automotive professionals to come to an informational meeting about the new class at the shop on Hospital Drive Thursday night.

Wagner says they want input from those looking to hire.

"Do we need to change things that we are doing now? Is there some things that we could do better? What exactly are they looking for in an employee when they get there," Wagner said.

The class begins in August.

The meeting is Thursday night at 6 PM at 200 Hospital Drive in Martinsville.