Averett University celebrates Founder's Day, gives out service award

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Today Averett University in Danville celebrated Founder's Day.

Reverend Lawrence G. Campbell received the first ever President's service award.

The President's Service Award is a new recognition for those who have shown exemplary service to Averett University.
In addition to being an alumnus, Campbell was a civil rights organizer and leader in Danville in the 60's.

"We were fighting against racism then, and in that day it was more overt. Today its more covert and I hope from this we can bring about unity and togetherness and bring about the good in both blacks and whites," said Campbell.

Campbell has also served as the pastor of Bible Way Cathedral in Danville since he and his wife founded the church in 1953.

Averett University has celebrated Founder's Day since 1859.