Averett University holds vigil for peace

Published: Oct. 4, 2017 at 10:31 PM EDT
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Hometowns all over our area are continuing to reflect on Las Vegas.

Averett University in Danville held a candlelight vigil Wednesday night so that people could find some peace by being together.

Candles were lit to remember the lives lost not only in Las Vegas, but all of the lives lost because of an act of hate.

More than 2,200 miles separates Danville from Las Vegas, but this most recent tragedy has struck a cord in many.

"It's important that we do this even though we are so far away because it can affect anyone, and it affected all of us obviously," says Averett student Erica Englehart.

The vigil was a chance for anyone to come and pay their respects, and unite as a community.

"From different walks of life, different genders, and customs, and races. It's just so beautiful to see all this love in one area because there really is no room for hate anywhere in this country anymore," says Englehart.

The university chaplain asked everyone to blow out their candles at the end in unison as a symbol of the lives taken too soon.

"The world is a darker place without those lives who give it its light," says University Chaplain, Skyler Daniel.

The university chaplain says everyone needs to remember the message they heard tonight and share that with others.

He says that love is always stronger than hate.