Averett University launches a new nursing program offered at only 12 other colleges

Published: Jul. 9, 2019 at 6:41 PM EDT
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Starting in 2020, Averett University will offer a master's program with a family nurse practitioner(FNP) focus and a post-master's emergency nurse practitioner(ENP) program.

Averett will become the 13th school in the country to offer an ENP post-master's certificate.

The university says they're hoping to help address the shortage of FNPs and ENPs in the region.

"What we are doing in our program is educating students on rural health need in underserved areas." said Pamela Giles, Dean of Nursing, "so it's our hope and goal that they'll choose to live and work here."

A major part of the ENP program is students' access to trauma simulation equipment. Students will work with simulations to better prepare them for real life situations.

Both programs offer clinical placement for all students.