Averett University students celebrate MLK day of service

Published: Jan. 21, 2019 at 5:08 PM EST
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A box of crayons, some markers, and hundreds of college students. While these kids may have out gown coloring, they're not afraid to take a seat and do it again for a bigger purpose.

"Personally we've always been involved in MLK day services and things like that so this project means a lot to me honestly," said Freshman Adrian Earle.

Earle jumped right into the action

"I was able to put "believe" on my paper," said Earle.

A paper that represents hundreds that were turned in.

"Today alone at our three different sites I think, our statistics show we are up about 25 percent participation," said Dr. Billy Wooten, Executive Director for the Center for Community Engagement and Career Competitiveness.

In addition the the notes, there were two other events scheduled: one at God's Pit Crew headquarters, packaging buckets, and another at the Salvation Army.

"National research shows that if students are engaged in community service at the same time that they're taking classes, they're more apt to graduate, enter the professional world, so it helps their academic career and it also helps the community," said Wooten.

Tonight from 7-9 PM will be the last event, the 2nd Annual Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. with guest speaker Torrey Dixon, Averett alumnus and assistant attorney general of the N.C. Department of Justice. The 2nd Annual Tribute will take place in the back café on the third floor of the Student Center, 351 Townes St.