Averett students engage kids through play

Published: Apr. 4, 2017 at 9:07 PM EDT
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It was a day full of community service at Averett University.

Part of that service included college students pretending to be a kid again.

A day to engage. Averett students gave up some of their time to play with kids in the community.

"That's what we need in today's society. We need more kids looking up to older kids," says Averett football player, Tyriek Able.

Bouncy houses, snacks, hula hoops and parachutes, just a few kid favorites to enjoy the beautiful weather while offering a little mentorship.

Most of the kids already knew many of the Averett students through working with them at the various after-school programs.

"You kind of build a little connection with them and they remember your face every time you go over there, so it's always fun just to see them and participate with them and have them remember who you are. It puts a warm feeling in your heart," says Averett football player, Ja'Corey Burley.

About 310 kids attended the event. The students say they hope the younger kids learned something.

"Just give back and just show a little kid another outlet, another opportunity to be something else, or be greater," says Burley.