Health Commissioner: backlog of 13,000 COVID-19 tests in VA expected to decline

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 5:22 PM EDT
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Virginia has a backlog of 13,000 COVID-19 tests, but that number will soon be greatly reduced.

That’s according to state health commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver, who spoke with WDBJ7 Wednesday.

Oliver says a large portion of those tests are from a lab that does not electronically report results to VDH, meaning all results are faxed or sent via US Mail.

He says that lab was just added to the electronic system.

“Not all labs report to us electronically, so if a lab doesn’t report to us electronically then we have to wait on a fax or even snail mail to give us the information that we need," said Oliver.

Oliver also says data posted each day are not in real-time, and face delays because it takes people time to figure out they are sick, then they have to schedule a test and await their results.

If the lab does not report electronically, that also adds to the delay which can be two to three days behind real time.

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