Barbershop hosts active shooter session

ROANOKE, Va. (WDB7) As the nation heals from the recent school shooting, people in Roanoke are trying to find solutions to prevent violence. One man in Roanoke is bringing the discussion and awareness to an unexpected place.

A visit to the Platinum Cuts barbershop is weekly routine for Timothy Simmons It's a place for guys to hang out and relax. "Have a really good time, enjoy yourself, " said Caron Warrick, who is a barber.

However with the country's most recent act of violence in Florida, the conversation in the shop chairs turned serious "I have a daughter in public schools, it took a toll on me," said Latrelle Giddens, who is also a barber.

Timothy Simmons said he wanted to do more than just send prayers and positive thoughts. He coordinated a discussion and demonstration about an active shooting situation here in the barbershop. "We just used what we had to get it done," said Simmons, " and hopefully get this message out, to get people to simulate this in all types of settings, because it can happen anywhere, it's not just about schools "

Cell phone video from the session, show bystanders responding from an intruder. The barbers say it was eye-opening. "It can happen anywhere at anytime, the main thing is we're trying to save lives," said Giddens.

"It's defiantly beneficial, it's just as important as fire emergency exit, I think if you stay ready you never have to get ready," said Warrick.

Simmons hopes more small businesses and groups feel empowered to take on this issue. "There are a lot of heroic people that don't know they have it in them, till it's time," said Simmons.