Update: Bassett High School band places third in national competition

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Bassett High School's Band competed in the Bands of America Grand Nationals this weekend. They had one goal, to make Henry County, and Virginia proud.

The band practiced for weeks, hoping to make a good impression on the judges. The band director says they had a slow start to the season.

"If you would have asked me a couple weeks ago what we did this weekend, was that possible, I would say 1% chance, but they really came together at the end and great things happened for us," says band director, Trey Harris.

Great things! The band placed third in the nation in Class AA - the highest finish ever for the band.

"It got really hype. We were all excited, jumping up and down, screaming, when they said Bassett High School. It was an honor," says band member, Kellie Powell.

"Wait, what? This is actually happening? I just started crying. It was great," says drum major, Aly Deal.

The band even got a police escort when they came back into town Sunday night. They say the response from the community has been astounding.

"Not many schools get this lucky. We have a great community," says Powell.

"You think like sometimes you work so hard and you don't think that you're really noticed, but then it's kind of cool coming home and you're sort of pseudo famous I guess," says band member, McKinley Verlik.

The band was back at it Monday. No days off.

"We've told the kids over and over and over, the people you're competing with have more money than you do, they have more facilities, they have more staff, and the only way that we can do this is to out work them," says Harris.

They're already chasing a first place trophy next year.


One hometown marching band is headed for a national competition.

The Bassett High School Marching Band finished first overall at the Virginia Marching Band Cooperative State Invitational this past weekend.

The band also won the Class 3A Championship.This isn't the first time they've won that award.

The band director says performers at his school have a legacy of excellence.

"You're only as good as your weakest member, so we've had a lot of people be successful, but we've had people chasing those successful people, which just creates even more success," says Bassett High School Band Director, Trey Harris.

The band leaves Wednesday night for the Bands of America Grand National Competition in Indianapolis to compete against bands from all over the country.