Bassett High School students repairing broken playground equipment for one Henry County elementary school

Published: Oct. 31, 2017 at 5:01 PM EDT
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It was all just happenstance when a maintenance truck showed up to Bassett High School one day with this piece of playground equipment on the truck.

"They were making a delivery here to the school and I saw it so I questioned what it was and they told me it came from another elementary school and it was broken," says Bassett High School Industrial Maintenance teacher, Jerry Byrd.

Mr. Byrd talked to his class, and the principal of the elementary school and came up with a plan, combining lessons learned in class with service.

"This was one of their favorite pieces of equipment so they hated to see it go, so now they'll get the surprise that it's coming back to them," he says.

Right now, the students in the Industrial Machining Class are working on cutting, welding and restoring.

"Taking stuff apart so far and just trying to make it stable where they can play on it," says student, Quenton Hairston.

The students say they know how it feels when your favorite piece of equipment breaks, so they're happy to help out.

"Feels good being able to help the kids because when I was in elementary school, when our got broke, they just took it away and we never got it back," says student, Von Morris.

Byrd says he hopes the kids see why they learn each and every thing in class.

"They're taking the skills that they've learned in class and now they're applying them to a real-life application," says Byrd.

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