Bath County sees deluge

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BATH COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) “We got 5 inches of rain in like two hours" says Ellen Andrews. "And it pretty much washed out the hollow. Have you been up the hollow?”

Up the hollow, where she lives, you could see where water had carried debris and laid down the grass, and where it overwhelmed culverts and bridges.

“The culvert’s gone completely," Andrews says of one private road. "And down below, the culvert that they fixed just after the last flood we had a couple of months ago, it’s washed out totally as well. I mean, it’s a big culvert, not a little culvert.”

VDOT brought in new pipes as it worked to reopen the road.

“When we got down here, of course as far as we could make it was about a quarter of a mile from the shop here," Thomas Burns remembers about Monday night when he tried to get to his auto repair shop. "At that time, when we looked out, it looked like a big river here.”

Burns and his crew were cleaning up this morning in the auto repair shop he owns with his brother.

“We had probably four or five feet of muck right here," he says, pointing at the garage doors. "There was a Dooley truck buried over here by the creek.”

It’s a big job, but one where he got help from neighbors who showed up with tractors.

“That’s just how we work together," Burns says. "We always work together, and pray for each other, and we live together, so we help each other out.”

Burns hopes to be back in operation tomorrow.